The Cleerline SSF™ CLEERFIBER provides fiber optic speed and reliability in one clear strand of cable that can disappear into any setting.

Expected Ship Date: March 2018

SSF-CLEER900 is a single strand of SSF™ 250μm multimode fiber contained within a 900μm transparent jacket. The cable can be routed and placed inconspicuously along baseboards or ceilings, up walls, or directed anywhere for easy indoor point-to-point cable placement. The cable can be caulked and painted over to allow it to become virtually invisible. SSF-CLEER900 simplifies any installation project, delivering signals to equipment that was previously inaccessible without unsightly cabling.

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Features And Benefits:
  • High mechanical strength and durability
  • Glass fiber remains protected from the elements at all times
  • Ultra low attenuation loss on tight bend radius
  • exclusive 250μm Soft Peel Acrylate

Part NumberDescriptionLength
SSF-CLEER900MM-75900µm CLEERFIBER OM2, Multimode75 ft
SSF-CLEER900MM-125900µm CLEERFIBER OM2, Multimode12 ft


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For further information on installation and selecting fiber types, visit our Resources.