SSF™ FKIT02E-T Fiber Optic Combo Kit

The Cleerline SSF-FKIT02E-T Fiber Termination and Test Combo Kit provides a cost effective solution for terminating and testing optical fibers.

The SSF-FKIT02E Termination Kit’s included precision wheel cleaver produces quality cleaves without the need for microscopic verification. The blade provides up to 36,000 cleaves via an easy blade position selection adjustment. A verification fault locator (VFL) allows visible laser light to be used during the termination process.

The SSF-TKITE-100 Test Kit includes optical power meter, multimode and single mode light sources, which combined test multimode and single mode fibers at four wavelengths (850, 1300, 1310, and 1550nm) with a range of 70dB. The kit also includes adapters and reference cables to test SC and LC terminated cables.

Features And Benefits:
  • Precision wheel fiber cleaver
  • Visual fault locator, 650nm
  • Tri-hole fiber strippers
  • Power Meter
  • Light Source (Multimode)
  • Light Source (Single Mode)
  • Multimode and Single Mode reference cables
  • Carrying cases with straps

Product Description

SSF-FKIT02E-T: SSF-FKIT02E-T Fiber Termination and Test Combo Kit


Features: Termination Kit

  • FKIT02E Precision wheel fiber cleaver
  • Visual Fault Locator, 650nm
  • Aramid strand scissors
  • 2.5 to 1.25mm SC to LC adapter
  • Aramid strand scissors
  • Tri-hole fiber strippers
  • Visual fault locator, 650nm
  • Fiber optic disposal bottle
  • Black marker
  • 50mm ruler
  • Tool kit carrying case and strap

Features: Test Kit

  • Power Meter
  • Tests both multimode and single mode
  • Light Source (Multimode) – 850 / 1300nm Wavelengths
  • Light Source (Single Mode) – 1310 / 1550nm Wavelengths
  • Multimode (OM3) Reference Cables (1 x SCSC / 1x LCLC)
  • Single Mode (OS2) Reference Cables (1 x SCSC /1 x LCLC)
  • SC male to LC female Adapter ( 2 x Single Mode and 2 x Multimode)
  • Female to Female Adapters (1x SCSC and 1 x LC-LC)
  • Carrying Case and Strap
  • Auto Shut-off Function for Extended Battery Life


Fiber Termination

For more information on utilizing items within this kit, visit our Resources page.