Installation and Testing


Economy Termination Kit

The Economy Fiber Termination kit provides all the basic tools need to terminate fiber, including precision wheel fiber cleaver, visual fault locator, and aramid strand scissors.


Pro-Optical Fiber Termination Kit

The Cleerline SSF™ Pro-Optical Fiber Termination Kit includes all the essentials to successfully terminate fiber at every job site. Kit contents include a high precision wheel cleaver, tri-hole fiber strippers, aramid strand scissors, visual fault locator, and more.


Fiber Optic Basic Test Kit

The Basic Fiber Test Kit includes an Optical Power Meter and Optical Light Source for testing of both single mode and multimode fibers.


Fiber Optic Pro Test Kit

The Pro Fiber Optic Test Kit allows for easy testing and reporting. This kit includes both an Optical Power Meter and an Optical Light Source for fiber testing, as well as PC software to enable quick, accurate reporting.


Fiber Optic Pro Test Kit

The Cleerline SSF™ Pro Termination & Test Kit includes all the equipment in the Pro Fiber Termination and Pro Test Kits. Install fiber and test installed cables with this suite of tools.