Adapter Plates

Adapter Plate
Cleerline SSF™ adapter plates are designed to provide a wide variety of adapter configurations in any LGX-118 compatible panel. These SSF™ adapter plates have a simple push-in design to fit SSF™ Rack Mount and Wall Mount enclosures, or other fiber enclosures, making it easy to add additional ports as needed. A large selection of options are available, including high-density adapters.
Features And Benefits:
  • LGX-118 Compatible (1.15” x 5.10”)
  • For Use in Any LGX Compatible Wall or Rack Mount Enclosure
  • CCH Compatible to LGX-118 Conversion Plate
  • Zirconia ceramic sleeve
  • Wide variety of Adapter options

Part NumberStyleAdaptersFiber TypeHousing
SSF-SC06-MM-OM3-4Duplex SC6 DuplexMM OM3/OM4Aqua
SSF-SC12-MM-OM3-4Duplex SC12 DuplexMM OM3/OM4Aqua
SSF-SC06-SM-OS2Duplex SC6 DuplexSM OS2Blue
SSF-SC12-SM-OS2Duplex SC12 DuplexSM OS2Blue
SSF-SC06-SM-OS2-APCDuplex SC6 DuplexSM/APC OS2Green
SSF-SC12-SM-OS2-APCDuplex SC12 DuplexSM/APC OS2Green
SSF-LC12-MM-OM3-4Duplex LC12 DuplexMM OM3/OM4Aqua
SSF-LC12-SM-OS2Duplex LC12 DuplexSM OS2Blue
SSF-LC12-SM-OS2-APCDuplex LC12 DuplexSM/APC OS2Green
SSF-LC24-MM-OM3-4Quad LC24MM OM3/OM4Aqua
SSF-LC24-SM-OS2Quad LC24SM OS1/OS2Blue



SSF™ Adapter Plates
Adapters 6-24
Adapter Configuration Single, Duplex, Quad
Fiber Types Single Mode: OS1 and OS2
Multimode: OM3, OM4 (50um)
Sleeve Material Zirconia ceramic
Dimensions 130mm x 29.20mm
Distance between pins: 118mm



For further information on installation and selecting fiber types, visit our Resources.