Fiber Optic Pre-Polished Connectors


Cleerline SSF™ field-installable LC & SC type connectors completely eliminate the need to hand polish, epoxy, or crimp in the field.

SSF™ mechanical splice connectors ensure precise fiber alignment, producing low loss terminations for all multimode or single mode applications.
SSF™ connectors are compatible with 900µm, 2.0 or 3.0mm fiber optic cabling. Our exclusive hinge-based design and large verification windows allow for easy confirmation of successful termination.

SSF™ connectors are compatible with all SSF™ fibers as well as standard fiber optic cabling.

Features And Benefits:
  • Terminate in as little as one minute
  • Compatible with 250μm, 900μm, 2.0, and 3.0mm cables
  • No crimping or proprietary tooling required
  • Large confirmation window for easy verification
  • Easy fiber insertion with V-groove channel
  • Industry leading hinge clamp strain relief
  • Simplified ordering and inventory

Part NumberDescriptionColorPack Size
SSF-LC-MMFPC-10Multimode FPCAqua10 pack
SSF-LC-SMUPC-10Single Mode UPCBlue10 pack
SSF-LC-SMAPC-10Single Mode APCGreen10 pack
SSF-SC-MMFPC-10Multimode FPCAqua10 pack
SSF-SC-SMUPC-10Single Mode UPCBlue10 pack
SSF-SC-SMAPC-10Single Mode APCGreen10 pack


Loss Data

Insertion Loss
Multimode Typical ≦ .3 / Max 0.5
Single Mode Typical ≦ .3 / Max 0.5
Single Mode APC Typical ≦ .3 / Max 0.6
Return Loss
FPC ≧ 26dB
UPC ≧ 45dB
APC ≧ 55dB


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Installing Fiber Connectors

Cleerline SSF™ mechanical splice connectors are provide simple, efficient termination. For full, step-by-step instructions on installing our connectors with different fiber configurations, visit our Product Instructionals.

To terminate Cleerline SSF™ fiber with common connector systems from other manufacturers, visit Compatible Connector Instructionals.