Visual Fault Locators

Visual Fault Locators

Visual Fault Locators allow visual verification of fiber cables, aiding in cable termination and tracing.

These visual fault locators use a 650 nm red visible laser diode to show fiber breaks, faulty connectors, or other issues that may cause light to leak from the cable.  They are compatible with single mode and multimode fibers.

The SSF-VFL-100 is included in the SSF-FKIT02E Fiber Termination Kit.

The SSF-VFL-250-ADP is included in the SSF-FKIT03P Fiber Termination Kit.

SSF-VFL-250-ADPSlim pen style 650 nm laser diode visual fault locator for single and multimode fiber
SSF-VFL-100650 nm red visible laser diode fault locator for single and multimode fiber
2.5mm to 1.5mm SC to LC adapter replacement
Connector Compatibility Universal connector accepting any optical connector style with 2.5 mm ferrule such as FC, SC, ST, E2000, and APC
Adapter 1.25mm Adapter
LED Indicator LED indicates function status, such as ON and OFF of laser, continuous laser mode, pulse laser mode, and low battery
Power Additional power button prevents accidentally activating the laser and draining the batteries
Laser Laser class 3A
Range For single mode up to 7km, for multimode up to 3km
Accessories Includes cushioned vinyl carrying case, lens cap, and instruction sheet
Compatability Accepts SC adapters by default
Fiber Types Single Mode and Multimode