SSF-TRIHOLEP Tri-Hole Stripping Tool

SSF-TRIHOLEP Tri-Hole Stripping Tool

This stripping tool is not intended for use when installing mechanical splices, such as Cleerline SSF™ connectors, on SSF™ fiber. SSF™ polymer coating must remain in place for non-fusion splicing applications. 

The Cleerline SSF™ Tri-Hole Fiber Optic Stripping Tool allows the easy removal of SSF™ patented polymer coating. Use these strippers to prepare SSF™ fiber for fusion splicing.

Successful fusion splicing of SSF™ fibers requires complete removal of the protective SSF™ polymer coating at the glass level.

The SSF-TRIHOLEP has three openings, allowing preparation of SSF™ or traditional fibers with up to a 3.0 mm jacket.

Each stripping tool package includes a bristled cleaning brush for maintenance of the tool’s openings.



  • Allows complete removal of SSF™ polymer coating for fusion splicing
  • Compatible with traditional and SSF™ fibers with up to a 3.0 mm outer diameter
  • Includes cleaning brush for maintenance.
  • Preparing Traditional (non-SSF™) fibers for termination/splicing
SSF-TRIHOLEPSSF™ Tri-Hole Fiber Optic Stripping Tool
Compatible Cables SSF™ and Traditional Fiber Optic Cables
Max Jacketed Cable Diameter 3.0 mm
Length 6” / 152 mm
1.6-3.0 mm --- 600-900 μm SSF™ & Traditional Fiber Jacket Removal
250-900 μm --- 125 μm Traditional Fiber Prep & SSF™ Fusion Splicing
125 μm --- SSF™ Removal of SSF™ Polymer For Fusion Splicing ONLY