SSF-RCS-TOOL Radial Cable Stripping Tool

SSF-RCS-TOOL Radial Cable Stripping Tool

Easily prepare fiber optic cables with the Cleerline SSF-RCS-TOOL Radial Cable Stripper Tool.

Use this tool to strip cables from 0.18-1 inches (4.5-25 mm) in diameter. Blade depth is easily adjustable. The tool can be used for circumferential cuts or spiral cuts.

The SSF-RCS-TOOL is ideal for use with cables in PVC, polyurethane, or other similar jackets types. Use to prepare Cleerline SSF™ Micro Distribution, Tactical, and other similar cables.


  • Adjustable for cables 0.18-1.0” (4.5-25 mm) in diameter
  • Ideal for use with PVC and PU jacket types
  • Designed for frequent use
  • Compatible cables include: SSF™ Micro Distribution, Tactical, Duplex, Simplex
SSF-RCS-TOOLSSF™ Radial Cable Stripping Tool
Cut Type Radial, Spiral
Cable Type PVC, PE / non-armored jacket
Cable Diameter 4.5-25 mm / 0.18-1 in