SSF-FKIT03P Fiber Termination Kit

SSF-FKIT03P Fiber Termination Kit

The Cleerline SSF-FKIT03P Optical Fiber Termination Kit provides the essential tools for terminating and splicing optical fibers.

The included high precision wheel cleaver produces extremely accurate cleaves and includes a universal cable holder to accommodate all fibers from 250μm up to 3.0mm. Work efficiency is maximized with the cleaver’s automatic collector for fiber shards and off cuts. The blade provides up to 48,000 cleaves via an easy blade position selection. A verification fault locator allows for visible laser light to be used during the termination process.

The kit includes precision fiber strippers, cable slitter, and other hand tools to terminate fibers in a variety of jacket configurations. All kit contents are contained in a rugged case that keeps the items within neat and organized.


  • Cleaver factory-adjusted to perfectly cleave Cleerline SSF™
  • Cleaver blade position easily adjustable, allowing up to 48,000 cleaves
  • 650 nm visual fault locator laser operates at a visible wavelength for termination verification
  • Designed for Data Center, Enterprise, Broadcast, Industrial applications
Kit Contents
1 ea Precision Wheel Cleaver
1 ea Visual Fault Locator, 650 nm
1 ea 2.5 to 1.25 mm SC to LC Adapter
1 ea Aramid Strand Fiber Shears
1 ea Tri-hole Fiber Strippers
1 ea 6” Side Cut Pliers
1 ea Round Cable Slitter
1 ea Fiber Optic Cleaning Cube
1 ea 2 oz AquaKleen Fiber Optic Cleaner
1 ea Safety Glasses
1 ea Fiber Optic Disposal Unit
1 ea Black Marker
1 ea 50 mm Ruler
1 ea Carrying Case