SSF-ACS-TOOL Cable Slitting Tool

SSF-ACS-TOOL Cable Slitting Tool

The SSF-ACS-TOOL Armored Cable Slitting Tool allows quick preparation of armored cables. It is recommended for use with SSF™ Aluminum Interlocking Armored and Armored Corrugated Steel (Direct Burial) cables.

The SSF-ACS-TOOL cuts both outer jacket and armored layers in one operation. This tool can be used with both fiber optic and non-fiber optic armored cables.

The rotatable blade (up to 90°) allows both longitudinal and circumferential slitting.

The SSF-ACS-TOOL is compatible with cables from 0.315 to 1.125 inches in diameter (8-28.6 mm).


  • Adjustable for cables from 0.315-1.125 inches (8-28.6mm) in diameter
  • Blade rotates 90°
  • Adjustable blade depth
  • Longitudinal and circumferential slitting
Construction Rugged anodized aluminum and steel
Cable Diameter 0.135-1.125in / 8-28.6mm
Blade Rotation Up to 90°