Adapters and Inserts

Adapters and Inserts

SSF™ Fiber Optic Adapters provide easy cable connections. Optical fiber adapters are available in simplex and duplex SC/SC and LC/LC configurations for single mode (OS2 or 9/125 μm) and multimode fibers (OM2, OM3, OM4 or 50/125 μm).  These feedthrough adapters can be used with all outdoor and indoor terminal boxes.

SSF™ Hybrid Adapters are available in single mode or multimode and SC to LC. Keystone inserts for standard wallplates are also available.

Keystone Inserts provide convenient fiber connections. Keystones fit standard wall plates. The keystone surround is available in white or light almond.



  • Meets TIA/EIA-568-B.3, TIA/EIA-604 FOCIS transmission standards
  • Zirconia ceramic split sleeve
  • Insertion loss: 0.1 dB average
  • Compliance: RoHS 2011/65/EU
SSF-DLCLC-MMADPDuplex FeedthroughLC to LCOM3OM4 OM3/OM4Flange
SSF-DLCLC-SMADPDuplex FeedthroughLC to LCOS2 OS2Flange
SSF-DSCSC-MMADPDuplex FeedthroughSC to SCOM3OM4 OM3/OM4Flange
SSF-DSCSC-SMADPDuplex FeedthroughSC to SCOS2 OS2Flange
SSF-SLCLC-MMADPSimplex FeedthroughLC to LCOM3OM4 OM3/OM4No flange
SSF-SLCLC-SMADPSimplex FeedthroughLC to LCOS2 OS2No flange
SSF-SSCSC-MMADPSimplex FeedthroughSC to SCOM3OM4 OM3/OM4Flange
SSF-SSCSC-SMADPSimplex FeedthroughSC to SCOS2 OS2Flange
SSF-SLCLC-SMAPCADPSimplex FeedthroughLC/APC to LC/APCOS2 OS2No flange
SSF-SSCSC-SMAPCADP Simplex FeedthroughSC/APC to SC/APCOS2 OS2No flange
SSF-SCLC-MMADPSimplex HybridMale SC to Female LCOM3OM4 OM3/OM4Keystone
SSF-SCLC-SMADPSimplex HybridMale SC to Female LCOS2 OS2Keystone
SSF-LCSC-MMADP Simplex HybridMale LC to Female SCOM3OM4 OM3/OM4Keystone
SSF-LCSC-SMADPSimplex HybridMale LC to Female SCOS2 OS2Keystone
SSF-LC-MMKIWDuplex - WhiteLC to LCOM3OM4 OM3/OM4Keystone
SSF-LC-SMKIWDuplex - WhiteLC to LCOS2 OS2Keystone
SSF-SC-MMKIWSimplex - WhiteSC to SCOM3OM4 OM3/OM4Keystone
SSF-SC-SMKIWSimplex - WhiteSC to SCOS2 OS2Keystone
SSF-LC-MMKILADuplex - Light AlmondLC to LCOM3OM4 OM3/OM4Keystone
SSF-LC-SMKILADuplex - Light AlmondLC to LCOS2 OS2Keystone
SSF-SC-MMKILASimplex - Light AlmondSC to SCOM3OM4 OM3/OM4Keystone
SSF-SC-SMKILASimplex - Light AlmondSC to SCOS2 OS2Keystone


Sleeve Zirconia ceramic split sleeve
Insertion loss 0.1 dB average
Compliance RoHS 2011/65/EU