How is SSF™ safer? What does it mean to be a safer fiber?

Have you ever seen a fiber technician work with fiber? They are generally very meticulous. They set up their work area to insure that all fiber pieces are collected and disposed of properly. Why?

Fiber is glass, it is a very small piece of glass that if left out can puncture your skin very easily. Everyone has heard the myth that fiber can get into your blood stream and run all the way to your heart and kill you. That myth isn’t too far off. If you ingested a piece of fiber, it could puncture the intestinal walls and cause significant discomfort, possibly severe internal bleeding.

While we do not recommend ingesting our fiber, handling SSF™ is not nearly as dangerous as standard 125um fiber. The more important safety concern is that our fiber will not break as easily when inserting into a connector or present danger when handling the small piece of glass left after cleaving. This makes our fiber much easier to handle, and friendly to the touch.

Remember that smaller cladding diameter? Our fiber is more bendable, that smaller diameter with the addition of our proprietary polymer coating makes our fiber incredibly safe to handle. To this date, our fiber has not punctured soft tissues enabling technicians handling SSF™ to do so without fear.

No longer will you deal with embedded fiber in your fingers or infection from pieces of glass fiber stuck in your skin that cannot be removed because you cannot see them. Our fiber will not puncture the skin and will remain safe to handle even down to the smallest pieces of fiber found during an install, avoiding danger for the installer or end-user.