Faster, in more ways than one. SSF™ technology removes 50% of the standard termination procedures from the process, and with its increased durability and enhanced safety allows technicians to handle the fiber easier, with no fear.

SSF™ is faster to terminate because the bare fiber is never exposed. This removes the need for being precise in measuring and stripping, making the whole process simpler and more approachable.

In a controlled case study with trained certified fiber technicians Cleerline SSF™ fiber was on average 33% faster to terminate compared to the leading products available on the market; this with only a brief 10 minutes of training on this new process.

The study also illustrated identical attenuation loss for our fiber vs. the leading competition. The high level results for Cleerline’s SSF™ fiber vs. the control are as follows:

  • Average Time for Termination (Control) = 159 Seconds or 2 min. 39 sec
  • Average Time for Termination (SSF™) = 106 Seconds or 1 min. 46 sec
  • Average Loss SET @ 1310nm (Control) = 0.38db
  • Average Loss SET @ 1310nm (SSF™) = 0.38db
  • Average Loss SET @ 1550nm (Control) = 0.32db
  • Average Loss SET @ 1550nm (SSF™) = 0.35db
  • Average Loss DET @ 1310nm (Control) = 0.67db
  • Average Loss DET @ 1310nm (SSF™) = 0.65db
  • Average Loss DET @ 1550nm (Control) = 0.56db
  • Average Loss DET @ 1550nm (SSF™) = 0.57db

SSF™ is also faster for training new technicians on mechanical field terminations. The coated glass makes it easier than terminating Cat5, Cat6, and most certainly Cat7. It’s so easy we have trained installers over the phone.

In a case study conducted in China, we demonstrated that line workers could be trained with no previous fiber experience to terminate SSF™ with simple instructions within a 30 minute period. By the end of the session, all workers could terminate mechanical splice connections to FOA standards.

Further SSF™ technology does not require technicians to be certified to terminate, only that a proper measurement of loss after the job is complete that meets FOA standards be submitted for warranty.

Bottom line, Cleerline’s SSF™ technology is Fiber Optics Redefined; it is fiber made easy, and it is changing the way the world thinks about fiber.