Armored – OM2 Multimode

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Armored Multimode
Cleerline SSF™ Corrugated Armored Steel Distribution cable consists of a PE overall jacket with 2-12 fibers and water blocking kevlar yarns.
The core is protected by a corrugated armored steel tube that offers easy installation and high crush resistance.

Applications include: direct burial and installations requiring superior bend performance and crush resistance.

Cleerline SSF™ Corrugated Armored Steel Distribution cable provides superior protection for fiber in rugged environments. Cable is protected by a polyethylene, UV-resistant jacket, allowing for direct burial of the cable. Cleerline SSF™ advanced optical fibers are designed to be compatible with all common connect systems on the market for standard 50/125 multimode and 9/125 single mode fibers.

Features And Benefits:
  • High mechanical strength and superior fatigue & durability
  • Integral coating eliminates stripping, provides glass protection
  • Up to 10,000x the bend longevity of traditional fibers
  • Increased safety factor due to the incredible bend insensitivity
  • Glass fiber remains protected at all times from the elements
  • Simplified termination process designed for ease of use
  • Ultra low Attenuation loss on tight bend radius
  • Exclusive 250um Soft peel jacket identifier

Part NumberFiber CountDescriptionJacketOuter Diameter
2ACS50125OM2PE-B22 Strand 50/125 SSF Direct BurialPE - UV, moisture resistant9.0mm
6ACS50125OM2PE-B66 Strand 50/125 SSF Direct BurialPE - UV, moisture resistant9.0mm
12ACS50125OM2PE-B1212 Strand 50/125 SSF Direct BurialPE - UV, moisture resistant9.0mm


Fiber and Jacket

Fiber Count 2-12
Fiber Type 50/125 Multimode OM2
Coating 250um “Soft Peel” S-Type coating
Color Color Coding per TIA/EIA 568C
Type PE – UV, moisture resistant outer jacket
Diameter 9.0mm
Jacket Color Black jacket
Markings Sequential footage markings
Strength Member Aramid Yarns = Kevlar + Water Block

Physical Data

Physical Data
Storage Temperature Range -30℃ to +60℃
Operating Temperature Range -20℃ to +75℃
Max Tensile Load for Installation 2000 (450) N (lbf)
Max Tensile Load Long term 600 (135) N (lbf)
Allowable Bend Radius Dynamic 20D
Cable Package Spool
Crush Resistance (N/100mm) 3000 N


Example: Terminating with LC Connectors: 250um Fiber

Cleerline SSF™ fiber is safer and faster to terminate than standard fiber. Have installation questions? We have a number of short videos demonstrating terminating with LC and SC connectors at 250um, 2.0-3.0mm, and 900um.

Cleaving SSF™ fiber may require a blade height adjustment. Steps-by-step instructions are also available below.

Have other questions about fiber? Check out our Resources, including information on choosing cable construction, choosing connectors, and more.