SSF-TKITP-400 Software

Power Meter Software Installation

  1. Click to download installer and save to desired location.
  2. Open installer. Select “Run” or “Accept” if any “Open File – Security Warning” appear.
  3. Installer will run. Click finish upon install.
  4. SSF-TKITP-400 Icon will install on desktop automatically.

Connecting the Power Meter

  1. With the Power Meter turned off, connect the USB cable to Power Meter and computer USB port.
  2. Turn on Power Meter
  3. “Installing device driver software” dialog will appear automatically.
  4. USB-SERIAL CH340 (Com3) will install after approximately 2-3 minutes.
  5. Once Power Meter has installed, open SSF-TKITP-400 software from desktop icon.
  6. Accept/Run any “Open File – Security Warning” messages that may appear.
  7. If text appears as non-English characters, select the dropdown menu on the upper far right and change the language to English.
  8. Under the Com Operate menu, select the Com (generally Com3). If an option does not appear, it indicates that the Power Meter driver has not installed correctly. Attempt reinstall if no Com options appear.
  9. Once Com has been selected, click “Open Com” button followed by “Connect”
  10. “Connect Success” message indicates that Power Meter has successful connected
SSF-TKITP-400 Software