SSF LC Connector: 2-3mm Jacketed SSF Fiber

SSF™ Connector Termination with SSF™ Jacketed Fiber 2.0mm / 3.0mm

For instructions on terminating Cleerline Fiber with common connector systems from other manufacturers, visit the Compatible Connector Instructionals Downloads page


  • LC 1. Unscrew boot from rear of connector and slide onto cable jacket. For 2.0mm slide included build tube onto cable jacket.1
  • LC 2. Using strippers remove approximately 50mm / 2” of cable jacket.
  • LC 3. Place onto VFL using an LC type adapter. Ensure activator slide tab is in “open” position – slide towards rear of connector. Open hinge on connector.
  • LC 4. DO NOT USE STRIPPERS. Pull Kevlar yarns back to locate SSF™ fiber. Use only finger tips/nails to gently remove “Soft Peel” 250µm coating to within 12mm/1/2” of cable jacket. 2
  • LC

    5. Cleave fiber measuring from cable jacket. For SSF™ LC = 24mm. 3

  • LC

    6. Insert fiber into the rear of connector until a slight “bow” is created and the light emitting from connector window dims and/or extinguishes.

  • LC 7. Slide activator tab towards connector tip. Remove from VFL. Ensure fiber is straight, hold Kevlar to one side (2.0mm seat tube at rear of (connector). Close hinge.
  • LC 8. Install dust cap. Slide boot forward and thread one full turn to “lock in” Kevlar strands. Cut Kevlar close to boot. Tighten boot until secure.
    1. Notes:
  1. If terminating fiber at 250µm (no jacketing or fan-out tube), utilize part number SSF-S250BT-10 build-up tubes (included in connector pack) for proper connector installation.
  2. SSF™ Fiber does not require the use of alcohol cleaning as the glass fiber is not exposed being protected with SSF™ proprietary coating. Remove the soft peel coating completely from all sides of the fiber with fingers only. Do not use strippers.
  3. Due to the extreme durability and bend insensitivity of SSF™ fiber your cleaver may require a wheel height adjustment procedure to allow successful cleaving of SSF™ fibers.
SSF LC Connector: 2-3mm Jacketed SSF Fiber