Multimode Fiber

Single Mode vs. Multimode Fiber Optic Cables

Many decisions come into play when installing fiber optic cabling.  By far, one of the most important questions is whether to install single mode or multimode.  This decision has huge implications for your network’s distance, bandwidth, and budget, so it’s vital to understand the differences between these two types of fiber optic glass.

Terminal Boxes and Adapters

Outdoor Terminal Boxes

In addition to bulk fiber optic cable, Cleerline offers the end-to-end solutions needed for installations, including enclosures and adapter plates. Along with indoor wall mount and rack enclosures, we now offer outdoor terminal boxes in a range of sizes.

Fiber Optic Testing Kits

Fiber Optic Testing Tools

Cleerline offers two different testing kits, the SSF-TKITP-400 Pro Testing Kit and the SSF-TKITE-100 Basic Testing kit. Each of these kits can be used to measure insertion loss on installed links, providing loss measurements in decibels.

Termination Kits

Fiber Termination Tools

Terminating fiber optic cable requires special considerations and some specific tools. We have everything you need in convenient termination kits. Some of the most important tools are outlined in this article.

Armored Cable Types

Choosing Armored Cable

We currently offer two different types of armored cables: Aluminum Interlocking Armored and Armored Corrugated Steel. These cables provide the ultimate in protection, keeping optical fibers safe from impacts or industrious rodents.

8K UHD HDMI Active Optical Cables

8K HDMI AOC CI Best Winner

The annual Commercial Integrator BEST Awards recognize outstanding new products, solutions, and services. We’re proud to announce that Cleerline SSF™ 8K UHD HDMI Active Optical Cables are a 2020 BEST Award Winner!

Busting Fiber Myths

Busting Fiber Myths

Is it true that all fiber is always difficult to terminate, fragile, and expensive? No! This is just one of the common and persistent myths about fiber. What are some of the common fictions surrounding fiber optic technology?

Benefits of Using Fiber

The Benefits of Fiber

Why is now the time to run fiber optic cable? Fiber is the key to stable, high-bandwidth installations that are affordable, even when compared to copper installation costs. The long-term benefits of fiber also outweigh those of communications mediums


Fiber Optic Testing

Fiber optic testing is essential for certifying installed links and for necessary troubleshooting. Knowing testing procedures and how to develop a link loss budget is key to installation and testing success.

New Product November

New in November

New in November We’d say winter is coming, but here in Montana, we’ve already had one blizzard. On the bright side, November brings some new and updated products. SSF™ HDMI Active Optical Cables In case you missed it, our HDMI