Executive Bios



Robert D'Addario

“I think we have only cracked the surface of our potential. I believe we are in the right place and right time to grow and create lasting business relationships”

Rob d’addario,
Cleerline Technology Group

Rob D’Addario, President and Managing Director

Rob D’Addario, Cleerline’s President/Managing Director, is the company’s “tip-of-the-spear visionary” and accountable for Marketing and Finance on a leadership team level. Rob is involved in all aspects of the business and continually monitors and responds to the most pressing issues as they arise. As a person who is always looking to the future, Rob pushes the business is to be proactive and strategic in its efforts.

Rob’s early experience as E-Business Project Manager and Systems Analyst at D’Addario & Co. helped hone his problem solving, systems management, and organizational skills. He brought all of these to bear in the formation of Planet Waves Custom Installation™. Based around the D’Addario’s CableStation™ product, Planet Waves CI was launched in 2005 to provide connectivity solutions for residential A/V installers. The changing marketplace and technology landscape lead to the evolution and formation of Cleerline Technology Group in 2012.

Rob believes Cleerline Technology Group offers “a fiber optic solution that truly is as easy to use, if not easier than any copper alternative on the market. It is also stronger and easier to work with compared to any other competitive fiber product.” While the technology Cleerline uses is truly unique, he believes the company is also special because “we are founded on a principal of continually looking to create win/win scenarios for our customers, partners, suppliers, and employees,” said Rob. “We strive to treat all with exceptional amount of respect and dignity, and work to make our relationships truly long term and sustainable.”

What does the future of Cleerline hold in Rob’s mind? Continuing to create “truly disruptive and transformational products.” He believes Cleerline can help expand global access to reliable networks and bandwidth at a lower cost of ownership and maintenance.

On Cleerline’s future: “I think we have only cracked the surface of our potential. I believe we are in the right place and right time to grow and create lasting business relationships that are mutually beneficial for our customers, our customer’s customers, our suppliers, and our employees around the world.”

Outside of work Rob, continues to rock out–though not quite as hard as he did as a 20-something in a Chicago-based band. For the past 6 years he has actively participated in the Drunk Unkles, the NSCA Education Foundation Charity Band. Their performances at InfoComm have raised over half a million dollars in support of the NSCA Education Foundation’s scholarships, training opportunities, and research.

Rick Sant

“To sum it up, I believe SSF™ simplifies fiber optics.”

Rick Sant,
Cleerline Technology Group

Rick Sant, Managing Partner

Rick Sant is one of Cleerline Technology Group’s (CTG) three managing partners. He leads the company’s Research & Development activities, as well as overseeing Supply Chain Management. Rick’s entire career has been spent in the A/V industry, leading to the foundation of Cleerline in 2012. Previous activities included operating a high-end custom integration firm as well as a distribution business alongside Ryan Prentice, another of Cleerline’s managing partners. Eager to share his years of industry experience, Rick makes it a priority to support trainings and educational opportunites and other organizations in order to advance education and related items around fiber optics. He believes in simplifying fiber optic technology to make it easier and more accessible for all installers, dealers, and distributors.

“SSF™ fiber was the cornerstone in Cleerline Technology Group’s creation,” Rick said. “The idea originally was to simplify the termination of fiber optics, but the development of the product also yielded extreme durability and safety in handling unlike other fibers in the industry. To sum it up, I believe SSF™ simplifies fiber optics.”

What’s Rick’s vision for the future of Cleerline? “To continue providing the ultimate products and support to our customers and distribution partners for fiber optic cable, tools and accessories.” He and the managing partners of Cleerline are also dedicated to continually refining CTG’s corporate culture and objectives to create a workplace and environment that is worthy of the terrific group of people that is team Cleerline.

Outside of work, Rick enjoys spending time with his family traveling and spending time on the water. The Sant family has gone from boating and waterskiing to wakeboarding, and now spend their time surfing. Rick’s looking forward to getting back to traveling post-pandemic and maybe even making it to a football game the next time he’s in California.

Ryan Prentice

“We listen to our customers ideas, struggles, and successes to help create better products.”

Ryan prentice,
Cleerline Technology Group

Ryan Prentice, Managing Partner

Ryan Prentice is one of Cleerline Technology Group’s three managing partners. He oversees all aspects of Sales and Accounting. As a co-founder of Cleerline Technology Group (CTG), he works very closely with Rob D’Addario, President of CTG, and Managing Partner Rick Sant. His primary focus is growing the adoption of fiber optic cables and accessories across various vertical markets.

Ryan began his career in the 12-volt industry in 1989 before moving into the custom home electronics and Installation field in 1991. As a Partner at Premier Home Theater, a company focused on high-end audio/visual installations, he oversaw the expansion of the business from Vancouver, WA into the Seattle market. Ryan continued his custom integration career with the launch of Custom Install Supply (CIS) in 2004.  CIS, which exists today within Cleerline Technology Group, as a provider of thousands of installation parts, helps dealers to maximize efficiency and profits while completing system installations.

In 2012, Ryan co-founded Cleerline Technology Group with Rob D’Addario and Rick Sant.

Ryan believes, “Cleerline works to provide value-added solutions to our customers.  We listen to our customers’ ideas, struggles, and successes to help create better products.  We have a deep understanding and knowledge of installations and strive to make our customers’ projects and interactions with Cleerline fun and profitable.”

Ryan’s vision for the future of Cleerline includes growing the adoption of fiber while also providing new products that increase installation efficiencies, solve problems, and make working with fiber optics easy for all companies.

When Ryan does manage to take some down time, he enjoys golfing and boating with his family.

Rob Gallimore

“I have watched this company for 16 years, and I see exponential growth”

Rob Gallimore,
Cleerline Technology Group

Rob Gallimore, General Manager

Rob Gallimore has been part of Cleerline Technology Group (CTG) since before it was CTG. As a consultant for Custom Install Supplies (CIS) Rob helped CTG Managing Partners Rick Sant and Ryan Prentice lay the foundation for what would later become Cleerline Technology Group. Today, Rob is CTG’s General Manager as well as the Director of IT, HR, and Operations.

Rob, a self-described nerd and lifelong learner, has always made education a priority. He holds degrees in both Computer Science and Information Systems, with a minor in business. He is also LEAN certified. Some of Rob’s early IT experience was gained from a 2-year mentorship with the former Lead Systems Analyst of Proctor and Gamble.

What is Rob’s vision for Cleerline? His vision includes helping to build a company with rich company culture, allowing happy employees, job security, and advancement in education and job responsibility. “I have watched this company for 16 years, and I see exponential growth,” Rob said.

Outside of work, Rob stays busy with his personal passions and causes. This former national level martial arts fighter is also currently a professional tango dancer. Prior to the pandemic, you could catch him at the University of Montana promoting International Art as well as fundraisers around Missoula for music, theatre, and dance. Rob also enjoys sharing his passion for IT by guest speaking at the University of Montana job fairs for students interested in pursuing IT careers.

Meet Our Team

Gary Vlaeminck

Training & Certification Manager

“Cleerline offers dealers a rare opportunity to venture into a new category that helps to differentiate themselves from others.“

Gary vlaeminck,
Cleerline Technology Group

Gary Vlaeminck, Training & Certification Manager at Cleerline Technology Group, is already a familiar face to many Cleerline Academy attendees. After many years as an independent rep for CTG, Gary joined the company in 2020. Gary believes Cleerline offers dealers a rare opportunity to differentiate themselves from the crowd by accessing a new category.

Gary began his career in London with Lutron Electronics in 1994. His then progressed to field service, which offered him the privilege of visiting dozens of countries on six continents. Gary moved to the US in 1998, where he continued his career at Lutron in specification sales. In 2003, he joined SpeakerCraft as their EMEA Sales Manager before joining Liberty Wire & Cable in 2008 as their International Sales Director.

Gary’s goal for Cleerline’s future is for the company to become the go-to supplier of fiber and accessories to multiple industries on a global basis. “Most other aspects of our industry offer an improvement over their predecessor” Gary says, “whereas Cleerline SSF™ fiber gives dealers the ability to introduce a necessary category to their clients without doing much differently to what they already do.”

When Gary is not busy developing new educational initiatives for Cleerline, he is sharing his passion for swimming with his wife and kids by acting as a swimming official.

Steven Ricks

Steven Ricks

National Sales Manager

We have not just a better product, but the best support and team of any company in the industry”

Steven ricks,
Cleerline Technology Group

Steven Ricks has been a part of the Cleerline team for almost 3 years. He excels at working with direct dealers and distribution partners to drive SSF™ fiber in the market. Steven believes Cleerline does not just have a better product, “but the best support and team of any company in the industry.”

Steven first got into the A/V industry in 1999 after previously working in the lighting industry. He previous experience also includes worked for manufacturing representative firms, distribution companies, manufacturers, and other high-tech startups. Steven’s vision for Cleerline’s future is to “expose all in the industry to the benefits of fiber, the simplicity of Cleerline, and how to make your business greater through the use of Cleerline SSF™.”

In his spare time, he is an avid photographer and traveler, having visited 56 countries (and counting!).


Adolfo Acevedo Jr.


“One of my goals for Cleerline is for it to continue to bring fiber to the professional audio and lighting industry.”

Adolfo Acevedo Jr.,
Cleerline Technology Group

Adolfo Acevedo Jr. joined the Cleerline Sales Team in 2021. He has over 30 years of experience in the professional audio & lighting industry, with a background in broadcast sound engineering. He is bilingual in Spanish and English.

Like many, Adolfo began his A/V journey in his high school’s A/V department. He also started deejaying around this time, which allowed him to gain more (literally) hands-on experience. After touring with up-and-coming regional Mexican bands, Adolfo switched to the other side of the stage. His A/V installation career began with nightclubs and discos in Northwestern Mexico and Arizona and expanded to experience as a Manufacturer’s Representative.

Why is Adolfo so excited about work for Cleerline? He believes it is a “future- forward kind of company”. That future includes continuing to bring fiber to the professional audio and lighting industry across the United States and beyond.

When Adolfo isn’t crisscrossing the USA promoting Cleerline, you can find him still deejaying at private events.

Dylan Prentice


Cleerline offers a great place to grow.  You can start with one thing and try another with no hesitation. The more you want to learn and do the better, and Cleerline offers that!”

Dylan Prentice,
cleerline technology group

Dylan Prentice has been a part of the Cleerline team since 2017. As the Cleerline Warehouse Manager he focuses on logistics and efficiency and constantly works to make all warehouse and shipping operations run smoothly.

Since beginning his career in the trenches of the warehouse, pulling cable, and fulfilling orders, Dylan has experienced the warehouse department on multiple levels. As a company he feels “Cleerline offers a great place to grow. You can start with one thing and try another with no hesitation. The more you want to learn and do the better, and Cleerline offers that!”

Dylan’s vision for Cleerline’s future includes “having multiple locations all over. I have had the chance to see this company grow a lot in the last couple years, and we have no plans of slowing down!”

When Dylan isn’t managing the ins and outs of the warehouse, he says the “one thing I love is to work on things hands-on. Any projects that have to do with building anything, I love to do.”

Jon Fischer


“Our product management team is always listening for new ideas and suggestions”

jon fischer,
Cleerline Technology Group


Robb Morrison


“Cleerline SSF really makes it easier for dealers to use a new technology for their clients without investing in hours of training.

Robb morrison,
Cleerline Technology Group


Godfrey Campo

Sales/Technical Service Rep.

“Cleerline has exponential growth possibilities due to the nature of our flagship product, Cleerline SSF™”

Godfrey campo,
Cleerline Technology Group


Rosie Corona

Technical Service Representative

“My goal is to go above and beyond to help our customers while continuing to help Cleerline grow as a company and improve our products.”

rosie corona,
Cleerline Technology Group

Rosie Corona has been a part of the Cleerline team since 2019. As a member of Cleerline’s technical support team, Rosie’s goal, in her own words, is to “go above and beyond to help our customers.”

Rosie has a degree in Engineering and has been in the A/V industry for 10 years. She started her career working for Audio Video Warehouse (AVW) of Nevada and Innovative Consulting and Marketing. Rosie was first introduced to Cleerline Technology Group while working at AVW. She subsequently began to learn more about fiber and eventually joined CTG. Rosie’s vision for Cleerline is “to continue to grow as a company and keep improving our products.”

When Rosie isn’t providing stellar customer support, she is enjoying nature or on a road trip with her family.

Lori Donaldson

Customer Service Representative

“Cleerline has never lost its vision of maintaining an excellent customer service experience for every customer and distribution partner.”

lori donaldson,
cleerline technology group

Lori has been part of Cleerline’s customer support team since 2019. While making customers her top priority, Lori processes orders, provides quotes, and answers customer inquiries. In addition to helping customers, she also supports Cleerline’s sales, production, and warehouse teams.

Prior to Cleerline, Lori spent over 20+ years working in the medical field, specializing in Trama ICU, Cardiac ICU and Emergency Room work, with 4 years in the Securities Market field.

Lori’s vision for the future of Cleerline is for it to continue to grow its “amazing package of progressively innovative product lines, coupled with a dynamic customer-minded team focused on promoting lasting relationships.”

Over the years Lori has seen what makes Cleerline so different from its competitors. “Management sees where this industry is now and is constantly looking at what will be needed in the future. They then honestly think about practical implementation for our customers; what their needs are currently and may be in the future. Cleerline has never lost its vision of maintaining an excelling customer service experience for every customer and distribution partner.”

When Lori isn’t assisting customers with her signature sense of humor, she loves getting outside. For the last 15+ years she has been a volunteer with the Montana Fish & Game Hunter’s Safety Course. She also enjoys hunting, fishing, photography, and anything to do with horses. However, if she has to be inside, you’ll find her practicing her “Cordon Bleu” style cooking.

Rich Arnold

Customer Service Representive

“The best fiber ever! Stronger Safer and Faster to terminate than all other fiber. Smaller overall diameter as well. It does not get better than Cleerline!”

Rich arnold,
cleerline technology group

Rich Arnold joined Cleerline Technology Group in 2021, bringing his wealth of experience to the team! As a Customer Service Representative, Rich provides technical and customer support backed by his 30+ years of industry knowledge.

Rich started his career in the early 1980s as a Field Service Technician. Since then, he has been active throughout the A/V industry, working as an integrator, in sales, and as a project manager. Rich has primarily been based in Las Vegas, spending 20 years there with Eagle Sentry and 9 years with Audio Video Warehouse.

As someone who started his career selling Betamax VCRs and has dealt with all the major A/V technology changes up until now, Rich is very excited about Cleerline SSF™. He remembers the first time Managing Partner Ryan Prentice showed him Cleerline SSF™: “[…] I was blown away by how awesome the fiber was! It was so much better and easier to work with; it’s amazing!”

Rich’s vision for the future includes continuing to get the word out about Cleerline SSF™ “so more integrators can get work experience with the most awesome fiber ever.”
When Rich isn’t busy helping our customers, he is cheering the Chicago Bears and reminiscing about their 1985 team.

Matt James


“I would like to see Cleerline be #1 in the industry.”

cleerline technology group


Austin Sant

Production Manager

“The adoption of fiber has quickly increased and become necessary. People are looking for a solution, Cleerline offers the best.”

austin sant,
cleerline technology group

Austin Sant has been part of the Cleerline team since 2016. As Cleerline’s Production Manager he coordinates all production activities and operations. Prior to becoming production manager, Austin has gained much of his knowledge from working in multiple different sectors at Cleerline. As the company grew, so did his knowledge of the industry. “There is a ton to learn when it comes to the fiber optic industry, and I’m thankful for the knowledgeable mentors I have here at Cleerline,” says Austin.

Austin believes Cleerline’s greatest strengths are its outstanding customer service and quality products. “Cleerline has provided a solution for those who were hesitant to start using fiber. The process has become so easy it can be taught in under 5 minutes,” says Austin.

Austin has no doubt that Cleerline will become a leader in the industry– if it is not already. “The products, solutions, and services we offer are too valuable to be ignored,” Austin says. “The adoption of fiber has quickly increased and become necessary. People are looking for a solution, Cleerline offers the best.”

When Austin isn’t managing the production of your favorite fiber products, you can find him in the mountains and hills of Montana fishing, hunting or camping.

Melissa Burg


“We also offer all the tools, kits, connectors, hardware, instructional videos, and other resources to get the job done!”

Melissa Burg,
cleerline technology group


Andy Shepherd

Solutions Architect

“I have always been impressed by the way Cleerline does business, the innovative products they develop and their dedicated approach to customer service.”

andy shepherd,
cleerline technology group


Gretchen Sharp

Data Support Specialist

“Everybody that works for Cleerline brings something different to the table, and we all work well together and that benefits the company greatly.”


Gretchen Sharp has been a part of the Cleerline team since 2019. As IT and Data Support Specialist, she helps provides technology assistance and handles data-related projects for Cleerline Technology Group (CTG).

“Everybody that works for Cleerline brings something different to the table,” says Gretchen. “And we all work well together, and that benefits the company greatly.”

Managing databases at CTG and providing technical support for servers and back-end network systems are just a few of the many IT-related tasks Gretchen performs.  What’s next for Cleerline? She predicts further improvements to the customer experience for Cleerline customers all over the globe.

When Gretchen isn’t up to her eyeballs in technical information, she like to go on picnics and curl up with a good book.  

Kate Woodson

Marketing Manager

“Everyone at Cleerline strives to go the extra mile for our customers by offering unique solutions to make their jobs easier.”

Kate Woodson,
cleerline technology group