Fiber Optic Testing Tools

Fiber Optic Testing Tools

Cleerline offers two different testing kits, the SSF-TKITP-400 Pro Testing Kit and the SSF-TKITE-100 Basic Testing kit. Each of these kits can be used to measure insertion loss on installed links, providing loss measurements in decibels. (For more information of the testing process, visit our previous article.) Both kits include an optical power meter alongside at least one optical light source.

How do these two kits compare? Each kit contains the basic tools you need for a successful test on single mode or multimode fiber. However, there are a few key differences.

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Optical Light Source
Optical Power Meter
Certification to TIA-568-C Standards
General Network Qualification
Single Mode and Multimode
Fiber Testing
Tests on Four Wavelengths:
850, 1300, 1310, 1550 nm
Auto Wavelength Identification
SC and LC Testing
Reference Cable Pack
LCD Screen with Ambient Light Detection and Backlight Control
Reference Power Set-Up
Auto Shut-off Function
Up to 200 Hour Battery Life
Storage of 1000 Test Records
PC Software and USB Cable
Data Download in CSV Format
Hard Plastic Carrying Case

SSF-TKITP-400 Pro Testing Kit


The SSF-TKITP-400 Pro Testing Kit is intended for network certification to TIA-568-C standards. This kit allows testing of installed cables, connectors, splices and links. The included light source and power meter are compatible with both multimode and single mode fibers. This highly precise kit includes data storage for up to 1000 test records, making it an excellent solution for larger installations.

In addition, the SSF-TKITP-400 offers auto wavelength identification. Included PC software allows data download as a CSV (not compatible with macOS). The SSF-TKITP-400 also includes the necessary reference cables and feedthrough adapters for both single mode and multimode testing with SC or LC connectors.

We recommend the SSF-TKITP-400 for installations that require certification.

Instructional Videos

Multimode LC Testing with SSF-TKITP-400
Single Mode LC Testing with SSF-TKITP-400
Multimode SC Testing with SSF-TKITP-400
Single Mode SC Testing with SSF-TKITP-400

SSF-TKITE-100 Basic Testing Kit

The SSF-TKITE-100 allows general network qualification and quick troubleshooting. It is not intended for network certification. Use this kit for basic readings on installed cables or to find problems.

Note that the SSF-TKITE-100 kit includes two light sources: one compatible with single mode fiber only, and one compatible with multimode fiber only. When testing, always select the light source matching the type of fiber under test.

Like the SSF-TKITP-400, the SSF-TKITE-100 kit includes the reference cables and feedthrough adapters necessary for SC and LC testing with single mode or multimode fibers.

Instructional Videos

Multimode LC Testing with SSF-TKITE-100
Single Mode LC Testing with SSF-TKITE-100
Multimode SC Testing with SSF-TKITE-100
Single Mode SC Testing with SSF-TKITE-100

Additional Tools not Included in Testing Kits

As shown in the instructional videos, we highly recommend utilizing a one-click type cleaner when testing. Having cleaning supplies on hand will help avoid testing errors caused by dust or contaminate connectors.

Additionally, if testing high volumes of fiber and connectors, fiber inspection tools can be a major asset. Fiber inspection microscopes help you get eyes on any issues with connector ends before starting to test.

Learn more about available inspection and verification tools in our Choosing Fiber Optic Tools article.

Fiber Optic Testing Tools